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From the great "Mitten" state known as Michigan, Matthew Rodriguez is the creative mind behind DoE. Creating the concept, story and most of the characters himself, Matthew decided that fan-fiction-type stories were no longer enough, and he wanted to create a world for his characters to grow and breath in. Inspiration comes from the Mattel toy brand Masters of the Universe, and all things Stan Lee. As a creator, Matthew has had his hands in many projects including co-writing/creating the Eldynwood saga, an ambitious series of fantasy novels, with long-time collaborator and friend G.Y. Haney. Matthew has also created comic book miniseries Disciple 6, Modern Wonders & Project File: Providence. 





Out of Fresno California, we are very grateful to have CJ Edwards doing the line work and ink on the pin ups, art, and comic book for Defenders of Eden. CJ, known to a lot of his fans simply as "bearshow", has been building up a reputation for his great lines, amazing imagination, and good work ethic. Looking to expand his life into doing art full time, DoE is a perfect marriage with CJ's art and imagination. CJ has not only taken the creators' concepts and brought them to life, he has also breathed new life and ideas into them, along with coming up with a few characters himself!





All the way from South Africa we have our friend Andrew Cramer handling the books colors. Often using his handle "ICEMAN", his deviant art website speaks for itself! Andrew also was kind enough to develop the logo for DoE as well. When Andrew is not rocking out wonderful colors for us over here at DoE, you can follow him at his blog and keep track of his great work at his virtual art studio, They Did This!, where his most recent work on The Lil Five shows that he is not just limited to a certain genre. Andrew is not only lending his color skills, but his lettering as well! Later in the series we will see some of his great original characters.

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